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Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Brand is You:  How to Market Yourself as an Author

7 p.m.  The NEO Center, 934 Clark

Street Lansing, MI 48906

Join Capital City Writers Association board member Kelly Rogers, a marketing, communications and business development professional of 16 years,  to learn some tactics for marketing yourself and your work without feeling fear or shame.


Many authors cringe at the thought of marketing what they do out of fear that they will diminish the art of it or fear of public interations and potential humiliation. Even if they do not feel this fear or shame, sometimes navigating the different tactics, especially with the increased use of social media, can be staggering.


This workshop will provide some advice on creating your brand as an author, including tips on how to use the different tactics. In addition, we will engage in some exercises to get you comfortably talking about what you write and who you are!